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Children from Rang 6 who celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation on the 14th of April had a very special day. They were full of joy and excitement coming back to the school with their families for the well-deserved “cupán tae” that Coiste na dTuismitheoirí provided especially for them. Now, as we move closer to the end of term we are working diligently in preparation for our class tests but also enjoying multisport classes and our Emmet Bhré games.


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We are working on Bithéagsúlacht in our OSIE classes at the moment. We brought in materials from home and we put together a wormery. We left it in the school garden for ten days and recorded the changes that occurred each day. We put the worms safely back into the earth when we were finished.

Katie’s Dad from Rang a Cúig came in to talk to us about birds. We researched and observed the birds that come into our gáirdín scoile and then sketched them. We displayed the drawings for all to see. We really enjoyed learning about the natural environment of our flying friends!

Ireland 2016 Remembering 1916

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We learned so much about 1916 this year and the school wrote a new proclamation for 2016. We had a wonderful celebration for this occasion on 15th March, “Ardú Brat na hÉireann”.